The Artist

Cheryl Lee is the sole creator behind ElementalUrchin. Ever since she was small, art and creativity has run through her veins. She always knew she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. Dabbling in a bit of most mediums as she grew, she fell in love with the most natural art forms.

”Nature has always been a huge inspiration for me, and a large part of my life. Being immersed in such a beautiful and untouched land is nothing less than is just pure, earthly magic.”

Cheryl uses the elements found in nature to create her sculptures. Almost every natural material used in her work is found with her own two hands. Materials that are not self found (such as wool and scraps of fur) are ethically sourced. 

“I never take anything living, only abandoned treasures the world offers. I also try not to disturb the environment around my findings. If something is seemingly part of a home or other means for living creatures, I leave them be.”

In addition to using natural elements in her work, Cheryl strives to create her work as organically as possible, creating her own dyes and paints using the plants she finds around her. Mineral pigments are also used for much of her work.