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The artist

Earthly Treasures

Here you will find series of sculptures, ceramics and jewelry all created using natural elements the earth provides.

January 27th 2021

LOVE my little pink bat coconut baby so much!!! I’ve been eyeballing these and so happy I was able to get one.


January 14th 2021

I think the art speaks for itself but can also add that packaging was on point to protect the artwork, shipping was fast even during busy season. Couldn't recommend enough :)!


December 12th 2020

Words cannot describe the joy I feel whenever I catch a glimpse of my Wisp. I haven’t taken this piece off since it arrived four days after the initial purchase (even during a pandemic shipping was FAST!) 
Very Durable, I move around quite a bit during work with NO negative results. I am Eagerly awaiting new pieces from this artist.


November 18th 2020

I am so excited to own another of Cheryl’s beautiful creations! Everything she makes is so unique and special.
My sculpture arrived quickly and thoughtfully packaged. I am beyond pleased with it! I know that I will enjoy it, along with my whale car, for many year to come.